Our consultants deliver educational webinars and in-person workshops for private firms, bar associations, networking groups, industry conferences, and attorney retreats. Read on for a sampling of recent speaking engagements.

Leveraging LinkedIn for Business Development  | 20-attorney practice group retreat | January 2022

This team-building retreat kicked off with a “get reacquainted” ice-breaker designed to surface personal brand differentiators. The afternoon LinkedIn workshop included a live profile makeover demonstration and a game-plan to connect LinkedIn intelligence to relationship pipeline management. Each attendee will receive a private LinkedIn strategy session and profile makeover assistance.

LinkedIn Bootcamp for Business Developers  | 100+ attorney full-service firm training program | Aug/Sept 2021

This 4-part series of virtual workshops is designed for busy attorneys who want to level-up their LinkedIn presence. Each interactive Zoom session runs for 45 minutes with a blend of live demonstration and informal Q&A. TOPICS INCLUDED: Profile Optimization & Enhanced Features + Content Creation Best Practices for Thought Leadership + Connecting Strategically, Online and Offline + Ethics and Etiquette on LinkedIn. Learn more about our LinkedIn Training Solutions.

Rebooting Your Business Development Mindset, Motivation, and Methods in a Covid Economy | 20-attorney boutique quarterly marketing workshop | June 2021

Learning Objective: how to build a disciplined approach to weekly/monthly marketing and business development activities. We introduce a tool for creating, organizing and focusing individual efforts to build and maintain relationships and reputation over time.

Self-Care for Your E-Self: Tips to Curate Virtual and Digital Presence | Women’s Business Development Group, 70-attorney full-service firm | June 2021

Jen Forester facilitated a conversation designed to help members of this firm’s Women’s Initiative fine tune self-awareness around virtual and digital presence. We discussed what it means to show up when our real-world and virtual selves are aligned and shared practical tips on how to curate presence in a way that suits our style and fits our goals. TAKEAWAYS + Raise awareness of your virtual and digital presence + Close the gap between how you WANT to come across, how you THINK you come across, and how you ACTUALLY come across in order to make the impression you need and get the results you want + Understand the science behind first impressions

How to Attend a Virtual Conference Like a Boss | Associate Training | January 2021

Whether you are extroverted, introverted, overwhelmed, or under-connected, an industry conference can be a professional and business development windfall for attorneys at all stages of practice. But obstacles like a global pandemic, procrastination, burnout, imposter syndrome, or work/life imbalance can derail our best intentions around marketing and personal branding. With compelling arguments and creative strategies this program will inspire you to work a virtual conference “Like a Boss,” — before, during and after attending.

2021 Trends to Watch | Partner Retreat | November 2020

Leslie DuFresne facilitated this annual retreat with a roundup of trends she’s tracking for law firm leaders, including: the rise of virtual technologies, increased focus on the client experience (UX/CX), new talent acquisition and retention strategies, stronger commitments to DEI initiatives, and how to market during a pandemic.

Perfecting Your LinkedIn Presence for Personal Branding | Consumer Attorneys of San Diego Women’s Caucus | November 9, 2021

This workshop will help you refresh your profile with a makeover designed to attract ideal audiences. Attendees will learn how to optimize core profile sections to stand apart from your competitors and activate new features to drive first impressions, credibility, and trust.

Using LinkedIn for Social Listening | ABA Real Property, Trust and Estate Law Section | October 5, 2021

This workshop is all about using LinkedIn to connect, reconnect, and stay meaningfully connected to your ideal audiences. Attendees will learn a simplified plan for engagement on the platform and practical ways to take conversations offline. We’ll cover the newest controls to customize your feed and how to surface the content that matters most. With a mindful approach, lawyers can transform LinkedIn into an efficient business networking tool. Part 1, A Quickstart Guide to Refreshing Your Profile, was offered April 6, 2021.

Relationship Building and Measuring ROI and ROE | Legal Marketing Association, LMANext Portland & Seattle | October 7, 2021 | Register

When evaluating a successful business development project or initiative, dollars in the door is typically the first metric analyzed to indicate success. And yet, we know that the process of business development is more akin to a marathon than a sprint. How do we score our success outside of the bottom line? This roundtable will provide LMANexters with a forum to discuss and identify new metrics that align with the process of relationship-building and are not solely focused on revenue generation. We will share insights and challenges with event-related ROI, and how we’re creating engagement and motivation.

You’re Invited to a LinkedIn Makeover Mixer… On Remo! | LMA Northwest | August 24, 2021

In partnership with members of LMA’s Social & Digital Media Shared Interest Group, Jen Forester facilitated this workshop and networking activity using the Remo virtual event platform. Attendees were administrators and legal marketers from law firms in the Northwest. They received a demonstration of LinkedIn’s newest features and then joined smaller table discussions to exchange tips and advice about LinkedIn profiles and company pages. Remo is an alternative to Zoom for online events.

What Law Firm Administrators Need to Know about the Newest LinkedIn Features | ALA Sacramento Valley, Monthly Educational Luncheon | August 25, 2021

Is your LinkedIn profile due for a refresher? Need talking points to encourage your lawyers to upgrade their LinkedIn presence? Join us for a Mini-Makeover Workshop hosted by business development coach Jennifer Forester. Log into your account and follow along as we walk through the steps to polish your profile with the newest features that were rolled out last year. We want you to be able to model best practices with your own LinkedIn presence and be prepared to answer questions from hesitant lawyers.

The newest features in a basic account can transform the Profile page to feel more welcoming and relatable. People are visiting lawyer profiles to evaluate their credibility, experience, connectedness, approach, demeanor, and other factors that help them begin to experience what it’s like to do business with your attorneys and firm. Harness those digital first impressions, reinforce hard-earned reputations, and optimize chances to spark conversations with people that matter.

TAKEAWAYS + Understand how LinkedIn has changed and now functions in 2021 + Learn how to optimize a profile with the newest features and why it matters + Explain the business case for lawyers to build a strategic presence on LinkedIn

Putting the Work into Virtual and In-Person Networking – Tips for Working a Room and Mastering the Medium | LMANext Southeast, 6-part professional development series for legal marketers | June 2021

Networking in 2021 will take shape as virtual, in-person and hybrid event formats. While new networking skillsets have emerged as essential to career advancement, there are fundamental mindsets and best practices for working a room, be it virtual or IRL. This workshop will prepare you to maximize the opportunities you have in a social setting to meet more colleagues, make a lasting impression, and take action following an event.

You’re Invited to a LinkedIn Profile Makeover Party  | LMA Tech West Conference | April 2021

Join us for a Profile Makeover Party! Log into your account and follow along for an interactive learning experience, fun networking games, and a mini-makeover contest. We’ll walk through the quick fixes to make your Profile pop + Restyle your generic headline + Spotlight your personal brand + Humanize your professional story + Glow up your credentials and thought pieces + Refresh the visual appeal of your profile + Model the look for your lawyers + Jen Forester co-presented this virtual workshop with Nancy Myrland.

Virtual Conference Value – Part 2: Coaching Lawyers to Make the Most of Online Events | Legal Marketing Association, Bay Area Chapter Roundtable facilitator | January 28, 2021

It’s time to debrief all the valuable lessons we’ve learned from participating in online events last year. What went well? What would you do differently? In this interactive workshop, you’ll have the option to browse the breakout rooms by themed conversations, dropping your own knowledge where you can add value and asking questions where you want more guidance. This session is a follow-up to Part 1 of our workshop last August, when we crowdsourced a Virtual Conference Playbook of pro tips and strategies for coaching attorneys to make the most of virtual conferences for business and brand development.

  • Best Practices for Associates on Building and Maintaining Strategic Relationships
  • Cross-Selling Your Colleagues
  • Creating Opportunities for Client Face-time
  • Communicating Confidently on Video
  • Client Visit Best Practices
  • Building a Better Business Plan
  • How to Rock Your Attorney Bio
  • How to Attend a Conference Like a Boss
  • LinkedIn Mini-Makeover: Profile & Presence
  • ABA – American Bar Association, Real Property, Trusts & Estate Section
  • ALA – Association of Legal Administrators, Sacramento Valley Chapter
  • BAWLR – Badass Women Leaders Virtual Self-Care Retreat
  • Chicago Bar Foundation Justice Entrepreneurs Project
  • CASD – Consumer Attorneys of San Diego Women’s Caucus
  • CWL – California Women Lawyers, Annual Conference
  • Divorce Transition Professionals, Placer County Chapter
  • Environmental Law Network Young Lawyers Division
  • IFMA – International Facility Management Association, San Francisco Chapter
  • INBLF – International Network of Boutique Law Firms
  • LMA – Legal Marketing Association, Tech West Conference; Annual Conference; LMANext Program
  • McGeorge School of Law
  • PFAC – Professional Fiduciary Association of California, Placer County Chapter
  • Placer & Sacramento County Bar Associations
  • Sacramento Professional Advisors Network
  • WEAVE, Sacramento nonprofit
  • WLS – Women Lawyers of Sacramento