Seven Acts of Kindness on LinkedIn

Here are seven things to do on LinkedIn to connect with others through kindness. Today is Random Acts of Kindness Day!

  1. Give someone a LinkedIn Recommendation. Show your appreciation for those who make a difference in your professional life; they deserve to be noticed, admired, and respected! What sets them apart from others? How do they go above and beyond? What is the experience they created for you?
  2. Comment on someone’s post and tag another person who would get value out of the topic or the poster. It’s a light-touch introduction between two like-minded folks, and you will help boost the post’s reach.
  3. Send someone a DM on LinkedIn as a Voice Message. This is a kind and lovely way to be yourself AND be a bit different. You can record and send a voice message from the LinkedIn app on your smartphone.
  4. Help others address you correctly. Use the LinkedIn Profile “Name Pronunciation” tool to make an audio recording of how to say your name. The play button icon displays near the profile headshot. Add your gender pronouns to your profile to help normalize conversations about gender identity, respect, and inclusion in the workplace.
  5. Use “Camel Case” formatting in your hashtags. For better readability, start each word with a capital letter. It’s easier for humans to read and easier for screen readers, used by the deaf and hard of hearing community. #AccessibilityMatters
  6. Oops, don’t “post and ghost” — when someone drops a comment on your post, it’s polite to respond. Be sure to engage with the comments on your post, and then take those conversations offline and into the real world. How kind!
  7. Show kindness to yourself with a bit of self-promotion. Here’s the twist 🌀 If you win an award, amplify the person who nominated you or the helper who assembled the submission.

For help with these acts of kindness and more ways to elevate your LinkedIn presence, book a 1:1 Strategy Session with Jen Forester.

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C-Suiter Jen Forester recently started a two-year leadership role as co-chair of the Legal Marketing Association’s Social & Digital Media SIG. Read her recent recap of the SIG’s annual “12 Days of Social Media” campaign along with a prediction about “trust” as a central theme in 2022.

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Here’s a way to reboot your business development plan.

Happy Fresh Start Day! July 1 is one of 86 best days of the year to make a new beginning. Brain scientists call days like today temporal landmarks.

Our clients are increasingly asking for help making a fresh start with LinkedIn. Here are a few ways to get started today:

  1. Book your LinkedIn Makeover Session. This one-hour strategy session can be an efficient way to refresh your profile on LinkedIn, or take your presence to the next level.
  2. Download our LinkedIn Makeover Worksheet for a DIY plan.
  3. Talk with your firm about hosting a bootcamp for your team.

Because we do LinkedIn training for groups, we hear common objections from reluctant attorneys. Do these resonate with you? (more…)

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Resource: 20 Tips for Lawyers to Leverage LinkedIn

With LinkedIn reporting record levels of engagement amid COVID-19 conditions, there’s good reason for attorneys to embrace this social platform for business development, thought leadership, and credentialing. LinkedIn bears low-hanging fruit for lawyers at all levels who want to be more intentional about nurturing their professional networks and personal brands.  (more…)

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How Managing Shareholders Can Help Their Firms Thrive (During a Tragedy)

While law firms needed to jump into triage mode when shelter-in-place orders first rolled through, it seems that firms are now in a holding pattern. As law firm leaders focus on balancing the management of day-to-day remote operations with the increased demands for faster turnaround times from clients, one thing is being overlooked. One big thing. Vision!

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I just read an interesting article in Bloomberg Law by Heidi K. Gardner, Distinguished Scholar, Harvard Law School Center on the Legal Profession, which touches on the persistent gap in origination credits between men and woman law firm partners. As the article states, collected data (timesheets, billing records, origination files, personnel records) across multiple law firms shows that men and woman partners start their partner years with an equally small book of business. What accounts for the rapid divergence between men and women’s book of business over time? Women tend to grow their book incrementally and often through the more difficult process of developing clients who are brand new to the firm, whereas men tend to “inherit” institutional clients. To read the full article, click here.

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As reported by The American Lawyer, the growing trend in law firms seems to be the ability to offer flexible work schedules to their attorneys. Morgan, Lewis & Bockius recently became the latest large law firm to offer flexible work options when it announced a new policy allowing U.S. and U.K. associates with two or more years at the firm to spend one to two days a week working remotely. Since the plan was officially unveiled on March 7, about 100 Morgan Lewis associates have signed up for the initiative. The program, which launches on May 1, includes an in-home office setup with dual monitors, a headset and docking station. Read the full article here.

In a subsequent article by The American Lawyer, Jackson Lewis and Baker McKenzie announced this week they will join the latest Big Law announcements by offering similar flexible work schedules for attorneys. Baker McKenzie’s program, known as bAgile, offers different types of work arrangements, including remote working and alternative hours for all of it’s employees, not just lawyers, across its North American offices. Read the full article here.

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