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Fangirling: The GO-GIVER

While there are many great books and articles that members of firm leadership should read, one little book has captured my heart The GO-GIVER by Bob Burg and John David Mann. As consultants helping attorneys and law firms reach their goal of ultimate client satisfaction — because happy clients are loyal clients who give you more work and refer you to others  Jen and I beat the proverbial drum about the importance of client service. You will hear us talk about the giver mindset and how that small shift in your thinking and approach to marketing and business development can have big results. No one wants to be “sold” but everyone likes to receive value. But what is value to your clients? And is what you’re giving aligned with what they want and expect? The Five Laws of Stratospheric Success that this short yet powerful little book offers will have you rethinking your approach to everything you do (okay, maybe not everything but close to it). Here’s a taste of how lawyers can think about these 5 laws. I give this book my highest recommendation. If you read it, like it, and want help putting these Laws into effect at your firm, call us and we will help! Cheers, Leslie

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How Managing Shareholders Can Help Their Firms Thrive (During a Tragedy)

While law firms needed to jump into triage mode when shelter-in-place orders first rolled through, it seems that firms are now in a holding pattern. As law firm leaders focus on balancing the management of day-to-day remote operations with the increased demands for faster turnaround times from clients, one thing is being overlooked. One big thing. Vision!

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