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Seven Acts of Kindness on LinkedIn

Here are seven things to do on LinkedIn to connect with others through kindness. Today is Random Acts of Kindness Day!

  1. Give someone a LinkedIn Recommendation. Show your appreciation for those who make a difference in your professional life; they deserve to be noticed, admired, and respected! What sets them apart from others? How do they go above and beyond? What is the experience they created for you?
  2. Comment on someone’s post and tag another person who would get value out of the topic or the poster. It’s a light-touch introduction between two like-minded folks, and you will help boost the post’s reach.
  3. Send someone a DM on LinkedIn as a Voice Message. This is a kind and lovely way to be yourself AND be a bit different. You can record and send a voice message from the LinkedIn app on your smartphone.
  4. Help others address you correctly. Use the LinkedIn Profile “Name Pronunciation” tool to make an audio recording of how to say your name. The play button icon displays near the profile headshot. Add your gender pronouns to your profile to help normalize conversations about gender identity, respect, and inclusion in the workplace.
  5. Use “Camel Case” formatting in your hashtags. For better readability, start each word with a capital letter. It’s easier for humans to read and easier for screen readers, used by the deaf and hard of hearing community. #AccessibilityMatters
  6. Oops, don’t “post and ghost” — when someone drops a comment on your post, it’s polite to respond. Be sure to engage with the comments on your post, and then take those conversations offline and into the real world. How kind!
  7. Show kindness to yourself with a bit of self-promotion. Here’s the twist 🌀 If you win an award, amplify the person who nominated you or the helper who assembled the submission.

For help with these acts of kindness and more ways to elevate your LinkedIn presence, book a 1:1 Strategy Session with Jen Forester.

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As Seen In: LMA’s Strategies & Voices Blog – A Social Media Prediction

C-Suiter Jen Forester recently started a two-year leadership role as co-chair of the Legal Marketing Association’s Social & Digital Media SIG. Read her recent recap of the SIG’s annual “12 Days of Social Media” campaign along with a prediction about “trust” as a central theme in 2022.

Visit LMA’s Strategies & Voices Blog to read #12DaysRewind: 4 Takeaways and a Prediction About Social Media Marketing, published January 19, 2022

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Fangirling: “How to Change” by Katy Milkman

We’re all about helping lawyers avoid random acts of marketing. Check out these science-backed suggestions for making small change: cnn.com/resolutionhelp

These tips could really spark that BD Habit of being in touch with the people on your capital “L” List  your prospects, clients and connectors. We coach our clients to look at this list of humans every day and feel the burn, to borrow a workout theme. Yep, it’s hard work. When you are checking your relationship pipeline every day, the rest of your business development plan will become clear. More focus on one-to-one actions, strategic effort on one-to-many tactics. And yes, we think your acts of business development can be capital “F” Fun (See tip number 4). Get your list on paper, test a few of these habit-change tips, and start doing a daily thing to move a relationship forward.

Recommended Reading: Article | Book “How to Change: The Science of Getting from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be.”

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Celebrating 6 Years of Solutions for Small Law Firms

As a woman-owned small business, every year is a milestone — but these past few years involved A LOT of change, so our 6th anniversary is significant to us. Thank you to our clients and colleagues whose support and flexibility have allowed us to keep going. Today happens to be Women’s Entrepreneurship Day, a time to celebrate women entrepreneurs’ ingenuity, persistence, and business savvy. How fitting.

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Fangirling: NEW Adam Grant TED Talk

In a new TED Talk, Adam Grant makes a case (with research!) for the power of Mastery, Mindfulness, and Mattering to achieve “Flow” an antidote to Languishing. 🤍 We loved the bit about mastery not needing to be a huge accomplishment. Small wins are key to motivation.


When it comes to business development, we coach lawyers to spend 60-70% of their time in the relationship-building stage of a new business pursuit. And, we caution not to get stuck measuring progress by “dollars in the door”  a lagging indicator of success.

Instead, we can score our success and sense of accomplishment by looking for leading indicators those 7-14 touch points that are small wins in moving the relationship forward. Depositing value into relationships can be done in small bites, with intention, in ways that matter most to the other person.

These are the best moments in BD coaching. The little wins we celebrate. The habit changes taking hold. The uncomfortable moves that turn out okay.

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A story about the power of virtual networking

Robyn Addis’ #FollowFriday series puts LinkedIn to work (in its best and most useful form) to foster connections and shine a light on the interesting and valuable work women are doing in the legal industry. We think highly of Robyn’s team at Legal Internet Solutions Inc., and appreciate this shout out for C-Suiter Jen Forester. Read our virtual networking success story.


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Media Mention: Client Video Project Featured in Attorney at Work Blog

Leslie DuFresne’s client project was featured on the Attorney at Work blog. The article tells a behind-the-scenes story about a video campaign to commemorate a firm’s 60th anniversary. Sacramento-based Kronick, a firm of approximately 30 lawyers, was founded to address California water law issues and has built an impressive public law practice. Read about Leslie’s experience on this unique and special marketing initiative.

Article Link: How to Use Video to Tell Your Law Firm’s Story by Susan Kostal

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