In a new TED Talk, Adam Grant makes a case (with research!) for the power of Mastery, Mindfulness, and Mattering to achieve “Flow” an antidote to Languishing. 🤍 We loved the bit about mastery not needing to be a huge accomplishment. Small wins are key to motivation.


When it comes to business development, we coach lawyers to spend 60-70% of their time in the relationship-building stage of a new business pursuit. And, we caution not to get stuck measuring progress by “dollars in the door”  a lagging indicator of success.

Instead, we can score our success and sense of accomplishment by looking for leading indicators those 7-14 touch points that are small wins in moving the relationship forward. Depositing value into relationships can be done in small bites, with intention, in ways that matter most to the other person.

These are the best moments in BD coaching. The little wins we celebrate. The habit changes taking hold. The uncomfortable moves that turn out okay.