Happy Fresh Start Day! July 1 is one of 86 best days of the year to make a new beginning. Brain scientists call days like today temporal landmarks.

Our clients are increasingly asking for help making a fresh start with LinkedIn. Here are a few ways to get started today:

  1. Book your LinkedIn Makeover Session. This one-hour strategy session can be an efficient way to refresh your profile on LinkedIn, or take your presence to the next level.
  2. Download our LinkedIn Makeover Worksheet for a DIY plan.
  3. Talk with your firm about hosting a bootcamp for your team.

Because we do LinkedIn training for groups, we hear common objections from reluctant attorneys. Do these resonate with you?

  • I don’t have time for social media. (mere minutes can make an impact)
  • No one looks at my profile. (Google yourself? First impressions matter)
  • My news feed is random. (there are easy ways to make it 100% more valuable)
  • There’s too much self-promotion. (yes, and… you can stand out with a different approach)
  • I’d rather lurk on LinkedIn. (that works! make it count with a plan for offline actions)
  • I just don’t get it. (you can learn, the business case is too strong to ignore a strategic presence)
  • LinkedIn is a place for resumes. (not anymore… your profile should be a resource)

As health restrictions ease and we begin to engage more in the real world, managing a dynamic online presence will remain essential — whether your practice is emerging, evolving, or established. Even when the pandemic is behind us, our newfound comfort with virtual interactions can bolster a traditional approach to networking and client retention.

When properly used, with discipline and purpose, LinkedIn can anchor or enhance almost any strategic component of an individual marketing and business development plan:

  • networking online and offline
  • relationship management
  • branding and credentialing
  • thought leadership
  • business intelligence research
  • industry and practice area specialization
  • prospecting and lead generation

It’s the start of the second half of a very curious year. Opportunities abound on LinkedIn. As a LinkedIn Visibility Coach, consultant Jen Forester can help you harness the platform in a way that suits you best.

The business case for lawyers to engage on LinkedIn has never been stronger. It starts with a polished Profile. The newest LinkedIn features will transform your presence to feel more welcoming and relatable.

People are visiting attorney profiles to evaluate: credibility, experience, connectedness, approach, demeanor, and other factors that help them begin to experience what it’s like to do business with you.

Harness those first impressions, reinforce hard-earned reputations, and optimize chances to spark conversations with people that matter. Make a fresh start on LinkedIn by booking a time for a strategy session or use our DIY worksheet.

Wondering about the other 85 best days for a fresh start? Here’s the article, which is based on research by the author of a new book called How to Change: The Science of Getting From Where You Are to Where You Want to Be. Highly recommend.