"Leslie is a fantastic marketing executive and has a great business development mind. She is particularly gifted at creating a coherent branding identity. She is also a great person and good at making marketing fun."

Douglas White, Managing Partner
Churchwell White LLLP

"I've had the pleasure of working with Leslie DuFresne in her management role at two respected statewide law firms over four years.  I've been impressed since day one by her work ethic and team spirit.  Her collaboration on marketing communications efforts - under the often stressful conditions of major mergers, office moves or rebranding initiatives - was consistently complemented by her depth of legal administration knowledge, her vision for standout creative solutions and her unfailingly upbeat attitude and sense of humor."

Lila Wallrich, Creative Director and CEO
Wallrich Creative Communications

"It's rare that you come across standout talent like Leslie.  I had the pleasure of doing photography for Leslie for Churchwell White LLP and C-Suite Solutions.  On both projects Leslie had a clear vision to the type of images she wanted, and an open mind to collaboration.  It was a pleasure working with her.  Leslie was organized, attentive and communicated effectively.  I would highly recommend Leslie for any of your communication and marketing needs!"

Jayson Carpenter, Commercial Photographer