Virtual Lawyering with Amazon Alexa

Is Amazon’s Alexa replacing lawyers in Australia? You decide. Smarter Drafter is an Australian legal tech company utilizing Real Human Reasoning technology. Built for Amazon’s Alexa, you can ask Alexa to draft anything from estate planning documents to shareholder agreements and employee handbooks. Within minutes, the final document will show up in your in-box error free. This AI software solution is currently being marketed to Australian law firms. With firms like Baker McKenzie and Clifford Chance using it, it’s only a matter of time before this product, and others like it, rolls out to the US market. Curious, watch this short clip.

New Opportunities for Attorneys on the Move!

Are you an attorney looking for new opportunities?  C-Suite Solutions is currently recruiting for top firms in the region.  Below are pending positions as of January 2018:

  • Lateral attorneys with portable books over $500,000 in the areas of real estate, tax, environmental, healthcare or government relations;
  • Lateral attorneys with portable books over $750,000 in the areas of business litigation, employment litigation, corporate governance, intellectual property/trade secrets or government relations;
  • Associate attorneys with 5 to 7 years of business litigation experience; and, 
  • Associate attorneys with 3 years of solid litigation experience (plaintiff or defense).

New opportunities come up weekly.

Please send your resume to Leslie DuFresne at


C-Suite Solutions and Colliers International Join Forces

Launching the first in the region Law Firm Services Group, C-Suite Solutions and Colliers International Sacramento are excited about this new collaboration.  Whether solving occupancy needs or the need to obtain and retain top legal talent, a holistic approach by our team could result in the differentiation firms are trying to achieve.

To learn more about the services provided by this new collaborative group, click here.

News Release: C-Suite Solutions Expands Affiliation Network

C-Suite Solutions has added 20-year legal industry marketer Jen Forester to its affiliation network.  Forester is a former Business Development Manager with Am Law 200 firm Stoel Rives LLP in Sacramento, where she supported national attorney teams serving energy and natural resources clients.

As an outside marketing consultant, Forester offers strategic and tactical solutions to area law firms, with a focus on signature events and brand-building initiatives, as well as attorney coaching.  Her experience spans start-up boutique practices to regional and national law firm marketing and business development departments.

Read the full press release here.  For more information on the services provided by C-Suite Solutions, visit the About page.

Harvard Study: On Gender and Origination in the Legal Profession

I just read an interesting article in Bloomberg Law by Heidi K. Gardner, Distinguished Scholar, Harvard Law School Center on the Legal Profession, which touches on the persistent gap in origination credits between men and woman law firm partners.  As the article states, collected data (timesheets, billing records, origination files, personnel records) across multiple law firms shows that men and woman partners start their partner years with an equally small book of business.  What accounts for the rapid divergence between men and women's book of business over time?  Women tend to grow their book incrementally and often through the more difficult process of developing clients who are brand new to the firm, whereas men tend to "inherit" institutional clients.  To read the full article, click here.

Big Law Growing Trend - Flexible Work Schedules

As reported by The American Lawyer, the growing trend in law firms seems to be the ability to offer flexible work schedules to their attorneys.  Morgan, Lewis & Bockius recently became the latest large law firm to offer flexible work options when it announced a new policy allowing U.S. and U.K. associates with two or more years at the firm to spend one to two days a week working remotely.  Since the plan was officially unveiled on March 7, about 100 Morgan Lewis associates have signed up for the initiative.  The program, which launches on May 1, includes an in-home office setup with dual monitors, a headset and docking station.  Read the full article here

In a subsequent article by The American Lawyer, Jackson Lewis and Baker McKenzie announced this week they will join the latest Big Law announcements by offering similar flexible work schedules for attorneys.  Baker McKenzie's program, known as bAgile, offers different types of work arrangements, including remote working and alternative hours for all of it's employees, not just lawyers, across its North American offices.  Read the full article here

The Multigenerational Workforce

Below is a link to an interesting article I found on managing and motivating multiple generations in the legal workplace.  One of the sessions I had at Harvard Law School, Leadership in Law Firms program (2013), was a discussion of case studies related to managing and motivating top talent.  While that was extremely educational, it completely skipped the complexities that a multigenerational workforce brings.  With more people working past the age of retirement, and young people completing law school at earlier ages, we now have a workforce that spans five decades.  How do you effectively communicate across the generations? How do you motivate your attorneys and staff in a way that speaks to everyone?  How do you develop a compensation structure that works for everyone?  It's an interesting time and I hope you find some useful information in this article.

The Multigenerational Workforce

First Year Associate Salaries Reach $180,000

While $180,000 for a first year associate may seem crazy for our market in Sacramento, it's a bold move for Kasowitz, Benson, Torres & Friedman who just joined Cravath in raising first year associate salaries.  Starting July 1, first year associates joining the New York office of each firm will make legal compensation history.  So where will it go from here?  And how does this impact our market in Sacramento?  Weintraub Tobin Law Corporation announced in April that it will start first year associates at $125,000.  So far, most area firms are not stepping up to the plate to match them.  In a time when finding top notch talent proves to be a challenge, I think more firms should to stay competitive. 

If you are an attorney on the move, or a firm that needs help finding that much needed top notch talent, call Leslie today to see how she can help you.

To read the full articles about Kasowitz and Cravath, please click the links below:






Why economists say 2016 will be America's best year in a decade....

For those of you that have high hopes for 2016, you might like read in this article that the health of the housing,  labor and automotive markets all point to a stronger 2016. 

Forecasters at Michigan's Research Center in Quantitative Economics said on Thursday that they expect real gross domestic product to grow 2.6 percent next year and 2.9 percent in 2017. That wouldn't be white-hot growth by any means, but it would be the strongest since 2006, when the economy grew 2.7 percent. And it would come with some very happy numbers for workers, the forecasters predict, including an unemployment rate that falls below 5 percent next year and to 4.6 percent in 2017.

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Best Opportunities for Business in 2016

I just read a great, and brief, article put by the folks at BTI Consulting Group entitled "Where to find your best opportunities for business in 2016."  This article breaks it down by industry and practice group and gives projected areas for top growth, moderate growth and low growth. It also provides great tips on how to deploy your business development efforts.